So this is another oldie I wrote in 2016, funnily enough, still haven’t pitched it anywhere. Eric wanted a story like this, I said I could do it and voila

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via The Complete Color Grading Tutorial: Cinematic Film Look — Filmmaker’s Memory


So I’ve been going nuts recently about color grading and while most times my tools are nothing but the levels, fast color corrector and RGB curves and such stock effects and tweaks available on premiere pro, and of course, LUMETRI. It wouldn’t hurt to get to know these other effects and how to use them appropriately, don’t thank me, thank Filmmaker’s Memory credited above.


So it’s been silent on here for a bit,   but we’ve been working regardless,  and real hard too (that last part is overcompensating for all the fun we had this year,  he he). 

And so without much ado we present to you,  Jackpot as created and directed by the man Ag Etefia and written by none other than Nneka,  and materialized into glorious reality by us. (I’m not even sure what that means but it was supposed to sound sensational) we’re on to other things even as the year winds down because we work like that,  so stay tuned and holler at us,  we’d love to work with you next. 

Welcome To the Second Half of the Year!

First off, we changed our logo, just this morning, here you go

Really cool right?

In other news, check out our new reel here.

In other news, we’re working real hard so you’ll end up reading about us outside this blog 😁. Until then, keep filming ✌




What? How dare he?

I would be the first to say that this title is not apt, but then again I might be right with the naming of this article at the end of the day, or not, again approach this article with the same amount of caution you employ when walking under high tension power lines while gas pipelines crisscross underneath you. If you however live in Nigeria, like say diamond estate, don’t take my advice, organise fasting and prayer sessions instead. Back to the matter at hand. Continue reading “I HATE CREATIVE PEOPLE (I THINK)”

1 Light Trick – How to Light a Music Video at Night by TomAntos

So I stumbled across this and thought a repost was necessary. Useful information for filmmakers on a budget if you ask me

Filmmaker's Memory

Learn how to get a nice and simple shots outside at night using only 1 light. This is a technique I’ve used on many music videos that I call the “Hollywood Starlet” look because it’s a similar one light technique used in old Hollywood films from the 40’s and 50’s

This technique can be used for videos, films, and photos. It’s simple and quick but produces good results.

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First off, I want to say it feels good to be on the cusp of something new, something which while not in itself is by any standards earth shattering, will serve to instigate (hopefully) earth shattering breakthroughs in independent film making in Nigeria.
This blog here is dedicated to providing Nigerian independent filmmakers and multimedia content creators the necessary tools and resources that they need to further their craft, bring them closer to avenues for exposure, and finance, connect them with other individuals in the same line of work and ultimately help bring us closer to a paradigm shift that will alienate the current dictates and mechanisms of the industry as we currently see it.
How we intend to do it is simple, via the dissemination of knowledge, relevant knowledge on a variety of topics ranging from scriptwriting to editing, pre production, production and post production techniques, tips on directing and cinematography, cost cutting measures and budget friendly gadgets and DIY tricks that help you shoot relatively inexpensively with stellar results, it’s all the things you know, some of the things you assumed and out rightly some things you didn’t know that we just thought to bring to your attention. Every week, our contributors will have new stuff waiting for you, from op-eds to DIY tips and tricks to instructional videos for editing and special effects to the latest happenings in the industry. We intend to cover EVERYTHING! From the high end gizmos with all the bells and whistles to the low end practical stuff, whatever your needs are we intend to give you the best information available so that you make informed decisions, we intend to let you in on the best forms of marketing and distribution for your material, getting funding for projects and managing scarce resources on a project.
How we intend to make this happen is simple, knowledge in a vacuum has no value, but knowledge constantly in transition from point A to B  accumulates and it is this cyclic flow of knowledge that this blog is committed to so feel free to tip us with any useful information that you think we should have on here, send us your own editorials and instructional videos if you have any, and feel free to brag, send us links,photos and videos of your latest work for the rest of the community to see at our email address Also tweet at @slim_gidiboi or @pixelmorph1

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