So ever so often, I’ll post on here a bit of a story, actually the first pages of a script I’ve written or I’m currently writing. They could be spec scripts or otherwise.

This is the first in a series of many I’d be uploading on here so do enjoy.

Also there’d be no titles, but comments are most assuredly welcome.



Tana, the producer walks into the studio as Jide Martin’s, a clean shaven, heavily bearded, thirty something year old man is glued to one of the screens in front of him.


What’s happening?

Jide does not answer, he continues staring at the screen in astonishment.

In front of Jide is a screen on which a video feed is playing, Akin Goodman, politician, clean shaven and slightly greying at the temple is seen walking up to the podium to applause.


I can’t believe it,they are going to pick a murderer for vice president.

Tana walks to the screen and squints her bespectacled eyes at the events unfolding in front of them.


Which of them?


(taps Akin Goodman’s image repeatedly)



Hm, whatever he did he’s still a saint compared to any of the alternatives don’t you think?

The chatter from the screen in front of them grows louder as they both remain glued to the proceeding. We move even closer, past Tana and Jide, towards the screen until.



Akin Goodman walks up to the podium and adjusts the microphone towards his mouth. He adjusts his glasses and glances down at the sheaf of papers he is carrying with him



Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Akin Goodman and up until a few moments ago I was a senatorial aspirant of our great party.

Akin Goodman turns to his far left where a certain man, wrapped up in a dashiki stares daggers at him. He returns the man’s stare with a wry, condescending smile of his own before continuing


Having witnessed the tectonic shift of power towards the will of the people I am grateful to be a part of this great party at a time such as this.


As the screen fills with black, superimpose the following text on screen: REDACTED



Superimpose text over screen: 4 hours ago; 6:30pm

A scream escapes a lady’s lips for less than a second before her assailant grabs her by the throat forcing a cloth into her mouth. Her assailant is huge, heavyset, we can’t see his face as he shouts


Do you know who I am? Do you? You idiot

He screams and clutches his hand, she has bitten him. She runs through the dimly lit room and heads for the door. She opens it and stares at a face she recognizes. She is calm.


Akin, thank God you’re here, please help me, Siji, he wants to kill me-

She is forcefully yanked back into the house and the door shuts promptly. She is thrown to the ground. Siji her assailant, stands over her.


And you think that man is going to save you? Why do you think he’s here? eh Zee? You really don’t know anything about men do you?


The young lady, Zee looks up at Siji, her fear has turned to defiance.


Just wait till I tell my father


Shut up!

Siji stuffs her mouth with a rag and secures it with a cloth tied around her mouth.


(leans towards Zee)

Who is your father again?

Zee struggles and mumbles, Siji’s arms pin her arms down so she can’t remove the gag.


I said who is your father? Answer me now. What are you saying, speak louder! I can’t hear you.

Siji laughs as her pushes her head from side to side before he stands up. He grabs an empty bottle of beer and attempts to take a swig. It is empty. Squirming and turning under his weight, Zee manages to crawl from under him. He reaches for her dress and pulls her back, the beer bottle poised dangerously above her head, it comes crashing down on her head.

The door swings open, Akin Goodman, senatorial candidate hopeful stares at the sight of the former governor Siji Ika, standing over the body of the young woman.


(to Akin)

Senator stop looking at me like that, I know she’s dead, it was a mistake, she wouldn’t co operate.

Akin walks around the room in a panic, careful not to touch the body or Siji


We shouldn’t have come here to do this by ourselves.


Really? So that someone else will have this to hold over our heads abi? help me move the body.



You’re not touching it any more than you have to, take off your clothes.


Do you have anything for me to change into?


Do you want to get out of here looking like this? It’s not exactly dark out here, take off the shirt.

Siji removes the buba he has on, Akin looks at the singlet and he removes that too, wiping the sweat and blood off his body before balling it up with the buba. Akin Goodman produces a polyethylene bag and hands it to Siji who stuffs his clothes inside. Akin then gives Siji his jacket to wear and unties his tie, placing it in his back pocket, he does a once over of the victim’s body and her surroundings, her phone is in a far corner of the room. Akin looks back, Siji has his back turned towards him, he slowly walks over to the far side of the room picks up the phone and slips it quietly into his pocket.


Did you get her phone or anything?


The stupid girl had nothing on her, nothing, it’s even better she’s dead, if any of her other friends have that clip they will do well to heed this warning. Let’s go


Akin Goodman’s car slows down just beside a rubbish heap. The front window winds down and a balled up piece of clothing is thrown out of the vehicle, missing the rubbish heap to land just beside it.


This town has gotten dirtier since I stopped being governor.


It was never clean in your time

4 thoughts on “FIRST PAGES STORY ONE

  1. Rounded characters even though it’s the first few pages. Well done.
    However, Zee shouldn’t have died … I liked that name.

    1. It’s not meant to be complete, the idea is I post just the first few pages of a script I am currently working on or have finished, consider it sorta, kinda like my writing portfolio compressed for brevity’s sake

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