Fusion  7 is a 3d compositing and animation tool which I’ve never used. But seeing as I haven’t used Nuke or the others let’s get to the gist of it.  Blackmagic design, the nice guys who gave us DaVinci Resolve, the Blackmagic Cinema and Pocket cameras which gave us RAW and 4K on the cheap are giving you the filmmaker the awesome opportunity to create high end special effects for your low budget films with a free version of the fusion 7 software.
Blackmagic had earlier on acquired Eyeon, the company originally responsible for developing the Fusion software and this is the result.
According to various sources and Blackmagic themselves, the free version of Fusion 7 is almost on par with the paid version, you simply can’t load third party plugins or network rendering and lacks a full stereoscopic toolset. Plus you can’t output more than QHD in resolution, like those a real problems for an indie filmmaker. Wait, it’s windows only at the moment, I couldn’t be more overjoyed by this fact 💃. So what does this portend for other low budget options like after effects?  Not much yet, too many people are still too heavily invested in that platform, however, if the workflow and toolset are as simplified or even better simplified than After Effects, it could be something. but if anything, we are now spoilt for choice. So, what’s your go-to combination for editing and special effects? Want to download the software, go here
Meanwhile, I should have a review ready once I’ve put this software through my amateur users test. Though I doubt I’ve gotten everything I need out of after effects.

Fusion 7 at work

Blackmagic design


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