The devil convinced me to do it

First of all, let me say that self employment is a myth. Flexible employment is the reality,
whether you render goods or services, you’re beholden to someone, the person who pays you for services rendered. Unlike a regular job where less than satisfactory performance leads to a query or a sack, in flexible employment mode, you lose credibility, customers, patronage or basically get priced dirt cheap when you don’t measure up. so, much unlike a regular job you get flexible paychecks. This realization is probably why some really smart people would rather enjoy the relative comfort of their cushy nine to five jobs. This article is however not for those who are too smart to fall for the BE YOUR OWN BOSS crap, it’s for those who have either out of flights of fancy or legitimate reasons decided to quit structured, suffocating, probably well paying jobs for flexible employment. Seeing as it’s almost three years after I rebelled against all my childhood ambitions and it’s finally beginning to look like it’s paying off, I thought I’d review those years and try to figure out what made it so hellish for a long portion of this yet to be completed sojourn.

WHY DID YOU QUIT? At the end of the reasons I’m going to give, it’d be up to you to decide if you also have a legitimate reason to quit.
I decided to quit because they started insisting I sign in and also sign out. Not really, here’s what happened. we were required to sign in by a specific time, come any later and you could expect a deduction in your salary. This was supposed to hold true for everyone except of course, those higher up who had the ears of the boss. This obvious hypocrisy worried me and thus I sought to rectify it. I posited that since the people in my unit usually spent more time working than anyone else, sleeping over in the office for days to meet our deliverables that the hours we spent, for which we were not paid overtime, be added to our regular hours. They refused, the next month, my salary was cut in two for ‘lateness.’ I quit upon receiving my salary and never looked back.
But that’s not the whole reason really, I’d started receiving on the side jobs that paid my monthly salary for about a week’s worth of work. Now I felt if I cultivated and expanded those relationships I could comfortably live as a self employed cool keed.
Suddenly the stress of working all day and most nights was just too much to bear, especially when one source of income paled in comparison with the other.
So, a mix of self righteous anger and a haughty assumption and I was my own employer.

So, in your case, why did you quit?

This blogging thing is a lot of effort for me so I’ll continue next week with WHAT WAS THE FIRST THING YOU DID IN SETTING UP YOUR NEW BUSINESS? hint, I did something everyone setting up for the first time does.

P. S I probably don’t know what I’m talking about, oh wait, I’m talking about what happened to me, and nothing else, so when I dish out advice like an opening serve in a tennis match, kindly return the volley via the comments section



  1. I know I will quit one day… I know… I just know…
    The stress of combining the two world is even enough to make one quit but I guess having a less demanding 8-4 job that’s also flexible keeps me stalling the inevitable move.
    So I think a very crucial help for people that quit is the pressure and discomfort that comes with the 8-4 job. The less the discomfort, the less one will be eager to quit.
    My point; I envy you… I wish my 8-4 job can just turn into this nightmare that I’ll not be ready to condone.

      1. Do I really? Yea! But maybe not enough… Cos at the long run, nothing stops me from just saying ” enough!!!”

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