What? How dare he?

I would be the first to say that this title is not apt, but then again I might be right with the naming of this article at the end of the day, or not, again approach this article with the same amount of caution you employ when walking under high tension power lines while gas pipelines crisscross underneath you. If you however live in Nigeria, like say diamond estate, don’t take my advice, organise fasting and prayer sessions instead. Back to the matter at hand.

Why do I hate creative people, the very same reason I like them to start with. They are creative! But creativity should have a leash, especially when working on a beleaguered project that has major constraints 

Creativity needs to thrive and evolve, grow and reach new levels previously unfathomable, establish new paradigms that define various spheres of human existence,be it arts, medicine, etc. creativity also needs to do that outside of an assignment or in this case a production where skill, -i.e that stuff you do because it’s first hand knowledge borne out of consistent successful execution- is needed and nothing more. My perception of the word creativity goes thus,creativity is the quality or ability to create OR invent something. Now being humans, we know that creating or inventing new stuff does not happen in one premeditated action. It involves processes, stages if you will. There’s the conceiving of the idea, then this idea goes from intangible to tangible, it is born into reality, however inchoate by the individual who first conceived the idea, from then on it undergoes refinement until the physical, tangible form matches the initially conceived idea of the creator. See my point? Now as a guerrilla filmmaker, do you want to have your DOP try his hands on a new follow focus system on his DSLR late in the night shooting in a location you won’t be able to access again for one reason or the other or you’d rather take your “safe” shots and hustle with shooting all the scenes that makes use of that location? This is the problem with working with creative people on a production, they want to give you beautiful images, artistic angles, elaborate directing in the hopes of engaging the audience, true to life, or afterlife, makeup effects, all exactly as they have imagined it in their heads. On a much larger budget, where constraints would obviously due to the availability of money, not be so confining, I would gladly choose to work with creative people and have them do all the creating they would be naturally inclined to, but even this would be financially imprudent, big budget films also want to make money and not serve as beta testers for inchoate ideas, that’s why James Cameron and George Lucas floated software like Final Cut and Nuke with their own money. This is probably what is plaguing the new wave of Nigerian filmmakers. Creative peope. There’s tons of them, looking for an opportunity to invite us into the seductively creative labyrinth that is their minds. As the path becomes more convoluted and the vision of what they set out to achieve and the tangible reality we are presented with underwhelms we are left feeling somewhat disappointed at what could have been but failed to materialize. Creativity must be able to cross the threshold into skill. A creative person who has implemented his/her innovations, practiced and perfected his/her art well enough is who I want to work with on a production, at that point his creativity is  no longer a potential hit or miss variable that could swing either way, simply because said individual can successfully apply himself or herself with an equal combination of skill and creativity. Simply put, a clients’ production is not the petri dish on which to concoct your penicillin. Yes, Last Flight To Abuja I’m looking at the CGI you did,
With that trouble making sentence, I bring to an end another rant, I’m working on tutorial videos actually, but I need some NET framework update for that,  till I get that sorted, bye.

Actually, I’m still here, so advice worth taking, while youwait for that big project that you can pull off better than Obi Emelonye, get your skills honed right doing the small jobs and getting them right, spend money, no loose money making films no one would want to see or talk about or market until you’re good enough, and accordingly appraised as good enough to make what people would want to pay money to see. Your crappiest works can NOT BE ENTIRELY DEVOID OF POSITIVES!  You at least get an “A” for trying, just make sure next time around you get at least a C, not for consistently making us Cringe, but for delivering even better than the last time.


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