Hi guys and welcome to doc 360. Doc 360 is a no budget film making experiment that we at pixelmorph decided to embark on. More often than not, we like to think of ourselves as filmmakers, our camera lenses creating a vista for the audience to view the world anew, whether via fiction or documentaries and whatnot.

Unfortunately a lot of the content that we create as per the needs of our clients and to a larger extent, the audience-though that is a long winding discussion for another post-does not reflect our truer yearnings to make films that feel like ‘us.’ This does not imply that we do not like the commercials, music videos, viral video events, web and tv content that we produce shoot and edit. Quite the contrary, my filming fever post attests to that. This ‘us’ feeling I still can’t explain, but I know it involves not having to worry about whether or not the client will like the finished product or call us back for alterations on certain parts of the job, it doesn’t involve haggling over price and wondering again if you have been underpaid or undervalued the worth of the job and asked for more. It most definitely doesn’t involve arguing over long hours spent or a set deadline because the hours are yours to decide on and the deadline yours to set. Finally, because in this country of ours, there are scarce economic resources for the majority of us, it doesn’t involve any financial commitment on you the creator’s end.

Eventually we realized that a lot of our expectations for what an ‘us'(read pixelmorph) kind of project ought to be like was an illusion. The YouTube channel we created for the doc 360 project had to have some form of consistency with programming of content so deadlines were set. Add to that the fact that we still had to keep to our regular hustle and you have us struggling to find time to shoot new material. Finally when you are your own worst critic you find yourself questiong the look and feel of the final output. So out the window in a flash went our lofty dream of guys running in the sunset shooting their hearts’ desire without a care in the world. One thing we did do however, as a matter of economic prudence was tighten our purse strings. So we drew up a plan; Each documentary would last six minutes or three hundred and sixty seconds, hence the name doc 360. If we couldn’t finish shooting it after spending a total of forty eight hours on the said project we shelve it. The only financial expense to be employed would be for logistics. Our shooting gear would be minimal and we would improvise and find cheap substitutes every step of the way.

The idea is now to show you how just how cheaply you can make your own VIABLE video content, I can’t stress viable enough, although when it comes to shooting fiction as against documentaries it is an entirely different kettle of fish but we are planning something similar along those lines and we intend to put our experiences here as part of our #0budetfilmmaking tips once we get it done. So if you are an actor looking to get paid, I’m not your guy, until my grant money comes in I guess, lol.

So without much ado, here’s our first post, or rather a repost because we did put this up a couple weeks back without properly planning for how it would get out to everyone. The documentary is called SPOILT FOR CHANCE and is kind of like a ‘how to’ guide on sports betting with more follow up doc 360 editions on sports betting in Nigeria. Watch it here.

Also, check out our trailer to see what’s to come in future fortnight editions.

Feedback would be appreciated here @doc360_ @pixelmorph1 @pixelmorph2

P.S pls be nice, we’re sensitive.


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