FIRST OF, SORRY IT TOOK THIS LONG TO POST, SECONDLY, MTN STINKS! Either that or the three storeyed church next to my house is blocking network, finally, don’t buy a cheap brand smartphone, thank me later.

In other importat news, things have been brewing in the brewery that is the pixelmorph mind, a massive cauldron of creative insanity that is unfortunately refusing to conform, which is why we need your help.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to start the doc360 project. Our montage looks like this by the way do let us know what you think. The idea is pretty simple, we want to go full circle on a documentary issue in 360 seconds, or 6 minutes. To this end we have shot a ton of content(from last year in fact) which we will be releasing on doc360. these range from music to literature, creative arts, education, social media, SMEs and just about everything that excites, bores, irritates, pleases and piques your interest, although the goal is to make EVERYTHING on doc 360 pique your interest. Also, all doc360 uploads on the youtube channel will feature relevant articles on the blog regarding how we made the documentary and other relevant info on the 6 minute piece being shown on youtube. by the way, please follow the handle on twitter, its @doc360_

So, here’s hoping you join the conversation, share issues you think we should ask the necessary questions about, cos basically its what documentaries are about; narrative or expository, or at least so i think. Tons of errors in this post, but the cafe’s keyboard is freaking stiff, I just can’t! erm bye, lemme stop rambling, I’d have a more coherent post when network is good at home Continue reading “SOMETHING’S BEEN BREWING”