For reasons not yet known, the movie adaptation of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s best selling novel, half of a yellow sun has been withdrawn from the 2013 edition of the annual AFRICA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (AFRIFF).
The decision by the executive producers to not show the film at AFRIFF will most certainly be met with disappointment from all quarters, AFRIFF 2013 which kicks off on November 10th in Calabar will however not suffer a dearth of content as there will be strong showings by filmmakers across Africa and the diaspora with titles like Camarada President (Zimbabwe), Duran Poison(South Africa), Drama consult(Germany/Nigeria) among others. to check out the full list and read festival programmer and jury coordinator Keith Shiri’s statement visit their website here.
Half of a yellow Sun has a production cost of eight million US Dollars, eighty percent of which came from Nigerian investors and was produced by Andrea Calderwood amongst others, who also co-produced the last king of Scotland.

View the trailer for half of a yellow sun here.

Source: AFRIFF


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